The Cure

Guess what guys! We have found the cure to diabetes, but there is a downside to the cure. That downside is that you already know the cure and your not doing anything about it! Well let’s change that today because we all know how tough diabetes is and we don’t want to see you suffer with it anymore. Every day we see people come into the shop with diabetes and are not happy with their lives. Take control of your life and don’t let it control your life.




I am sure the above picture looks good doesn’t it? Well we hope you can change your views upon candy because the same thing that looks good is killing you! Slowly but very surely it is! Don’t give into the harmful crap society is feeding you and life your own life. Do not eat that candy, don’t drink that soda.  Take a stand and fight against the candy companies. Show them that you don’t want to live with diabetes for the rest of your life anymore. Remember there are two roads to your journey either you stop eating sugar now and become healthier than ever. Or the other path is you stop caring and continue eating sugar. This path will lead you to probably blindness ( because diabetes makes you go blind), shooting needles once a day or more, and maybe even have your legs cut off! None of these symptom you should have to suffer with so start now and be healthy people!


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