Let’s face it; today’s society has completely changed the way we do things. The way we clean, eat, workout, supplement.  We created a fake lifestyle and new standards for people to live by, but are these new standards safe for people?  Perhaps all these big companies are taking advantage of us and exploiting our weaknesses.  The media and society has built these new standards to make us think that living this lifestyle is normal when in fact it’s not.  There are big companies taking advantage of everyone’s lack of knowledge.  Companies always have reasons for why they are producing junk for us and its always one thing called greed.  Money makes the world go around and around.  If there is a market for something then people will buy it.



The first step in stopping diabetes is to get a tracking device. A tracking device helps track the levels of glucose in your blood. The key thing is to stay health overall because diabetes is associated with high blood pressure as well.  You may want to keep track of your blood pressure.  You can find a Best Blood Pressure Monitors there and it will help a lot.  We have gotten so technical and we have the tools to do anything yet we still have a hard time stopping these diseases and illnesses. The medical field is a huge business and its very expensive to see the doctors. That is because its saturated with patients and not enough hospitals. If everyone took care of themselves and lived a healthy lifestyle the prices of the hospital would decrease. It would decrease because the demand is there. Whenever there is a huge demand for something with limited supply, the cost will go up, but if there is a huge supply while the demand is low then the prices will drop. The next step to stopping diabetes is to never let your sugar level go above 150 because that is when your levels are starting to become pretty high. Never eat any junk food or food that has sugar in it. The more sugar the worse it is for you. The same with simplex carbohydrates, simple carbs as a sugar and will kill your pancreas as well.  Any white breads or foods are bad for you such as white rice or white bread. These will overload your body with glucose and your body will start to become toxic.


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